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Who can benefit from Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that benefits every body – male, female, the sporty and the sedentary




In traditional gym work there can be a tendency to focus on training only (or mainly) specific muscle groups.  Pilates focuses on the strength development of all muscle groups and combines this with stretching, resulting in the balanced development of the whole body.

The Pilates exercise plan is varied. It challenges not only muscle strength but also control, flexibility and balance through fluid and precise movements.  At the same time it builds expanded breathing capacity, improved blood circulation, correct posture and develops strong, well-crafted abdominal muscles.

In addition Pilates is a mind-body exercise.  The exercises require precision and control, requiring a focus which helps to reduce stress and relax the mind and body. Suitable both as a complement to the sports performance training or as day-to-day activity to build strength and prevent injuries and pain, the benefits of Authentic Pilates will contribute greatly to any man’s quality of life. Try it!


For those looking for fitness combined with self-knowledge and the development of the body in a balanced and functional way, the practice of the Authentic Pilates Method is a training for life.

Adapting to womens’ lifestyle from youth to maturity, Pilates practice promotes a balanced body and elongated, strong muscles avoiding excess bulk. At the same time it shapes the muscles and refines the waist thanks to the work of the deep abdominals and upper back, buttocks and thighs musculature. It prevents and relieves muscle aches from unbalanced and awkward postures. It enhances mood and relieves stress as well as being challenging and increasing self-esteem.  Ever experienced Authentic Pilates? Do not waste time, allow yourself the pleasure and the rewards.

Sedentary but want to get moving?

If you are sedentary and want to get moving Pilates is a great exercise for you.   You can start with some one on one, supervised lessons tailored to you and focused on the progress you are looking for.  Our expert instructors will ensure you can carry out the movements in a correct and safe way.

The Authentic Pilates Method respects the possibilities and limitations of each body and focuses on improving muscle strength, joint flexibility, balance, breathing capacity and promoting reactivation of the immune system. Whatever your starting point, you will soon notice the improvement in performing your daily life activities and your body-mind connection.


Amateur or professional athletes benefit greatly from Pilates training both to improve their core strength and sports performance and to address any wear and imbalances caused by muscle or joint overload. Pilates benefits runners, swimmers, golfers, surfers and tennis players just to name a few.  If you are an athlete and want to improve your performance and/or to relieve pain, increase core strength, balance and well-being, welcome!

Injuries and musculoskeletal disorders

Many injuries and musculoskeletal disorders respond very well to the practice of Pilates. In many cases strengthening and stretching the appropriate muscles, re-education of posture and increased awareness of unhelpful movements relieve pain and improve symptoms and discomfort.

The Authentic Pilates system of exercises has proved to be very effective in cases of osteopenia and osteoporosis, scoliosis and herniated disc, to name a few of the more common. For each condition and each individual at Scoop we use the Pilates Method and its modifications to get the best result in each case.