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We're proud to have helped people become stronger and more energised along the way -  heres a few stories from the locals.

Jan S / Busy Mum

Doing Pilates at Scoop Authentic Pilates has enabled me to get back to skiing after a 12 year break.  Thank you Scoop Team.

I did my 6th class last night. In 3 weeks my abs and pelvic floor and tighter, I have no lower back pain and I feel the best I have since having an emergency caesarean 6 months ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Cairiad Parker


I’m trying not to sound like an infomercial but.. after childbirth I put on weight and my posture was poor after breastfeeding. Pilates is getting me back in shape. I can feel the difference after each session – my body looks better, moves better, feels better. Charrette is a master teacher. Having been to some of the most highly regarded Pilates studios in London I never dreamt I’d discover someone even more skilled and experienced back home in Christchurch! It’s a rare opportunity. Each session is always challenging but in a relaxed way – she’s able to modify each exercise to just the right level for me. I feel great afterwards.

Ashley / Mother / Sumner

Of all the rehabilitation activities I have undertaken since I had my second hip replacement (on the same leg) Authentic Pilates at Scoop has without question been the most effective. It has given me flexibility that I never thought I would get back, core strength which assists in every thing I do from golfing, skiing, biking, hiking and most importantly, now walking without a limp. I would thoroughly recommend Charrette Boyce and Scoop Pilates and at 59 years young I am testimony that it is never too late to start !!!

Milson Thevenard


As athletes we are always looking for that extra that can makes us fitter and faster. We might think the difference between recreational and elite athletes is that they have better equipment, train more and work less. This might be a factor but for the overall performance throughout the year to maximize your potential is to be prepared and have a plan. Over the years of pushing myself to withstand a rigorous training regime, work and a personal life I have learnt that my best performances comes with planning, preparation and passion/commitment. As I address my athletic weaknesses to maximize my strengths I have read and seen how pilates can help improve performance, reduce injury and relieve stress. Not to mention reading how much celebrity status pilates has gained also. Unlike hardcore muscle training- pilates focuses on your inner core strength- improving balance and alignments. My pilates classes with Charrette/Scooppilates have helped me being aware of how to locate the deep core stabilizers that will help me perform better in multisport and reduce the risk of injuries. It’s easy to learn how to activate the bigger muscles for running, cycling and kayaking but without core strength/spinal stabilization we might lack the correct joint stabilization and necessary protection to keep training our bigger muscles. Charrette is fantastic at acknowledging my weaknesses in my core and she’ll address it throughout a class. E.g. my hip flexor are often very tight and I will struggle with certain exercises as my hip flexor is too tight/weak after being “overused” in cycling and running. Charrette will make sure we do good warm up exercises so I can focus on correcting my postural imbalances and increase my balance and movements in the muscles of the hip and back.

Sia Svendson, Multi Sports Athlete

I am an International Figure skater for New Zealand. I have been doing Pilates for about two years with Charrette Boyce.  The reason I got into Pilates was because of my sport it involves a lot of core strength which I did not use to have much of until I started to see Charrette. I have a one hour private lesson once a week plus homework that I do every day for about 15 minuets. I personal thinkPilates has helped me learn to control my core ‘power house,’ as well as strengthen it. Not only has it helped me with my power house but also with my all of body strength and awareness.

Madeline Parker

Before I attended Pilates with Charette I had suffered debilitating back pain and was recovering from a ruptured disc surgery where a prosthesis was attached to my spine for support. I had met with many different specialists however I found it hard to progress and was often left in more pain than when I began. My levels of mobility were low, and at only 21 years old I was finding it hard to stand, sit or exercise for more than 15mins at a time. After beginning private sessions with Charette I found myself able to build up strength and flexibility easily. I was making progress that had not seemed possible a year earlier, as my one on one sessions were catered to strengthen me, taking my weaknesses into consideration. Charette is a calming and inspiring teacher whose interest in my wellbeing encouraged  me to adopt Pilates into my daily life.

Marcy B

I am in my early 40′s, a busy professional in a common zone – work stress, too many hours at the desk, limited free time due to family/other commitments, less time to fit in cycling and other exercise, and my physical wellbeing has suffered. And gyms don’t work for me, despite my best intentions. I have been doing weekly Pilates sessions for 18 months, initially in response to recurring chronic neck pain, and it has saved me. Even now, when I am tired and have things to do I find myself thinking I am too busy for one hour of Pilates – when I have done it, I can’t believe I was thinking about skipping it. I recommend Pilates to everybody, no matter what space you are in.

David / Corporate Lawyer

It is with great pleasure that I write about my love for Pilates and how investing in Charrette’s classes, both the Mat and apparatus sessions, have changed my exercise experience forever.

The Pilates experience that Charrette offers gives you so much more than your work out quota for the day. The principals that Charrette (and Mary) teach filter into every area of your life and become a part of who you are.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not learn something new with regards to how I can perform an exercise better or to use the many muscles I never knew existed to facilitate how I move, walk, run and especially dance.

In a short period of time I have experienced:

  • Greater freedom of movement,
  • Increased length and alignment of my spine,
  • Reduction of pain in my joints (especially in my knee and back),
  • A 10 fold increase in flexibility,
  • Greater control of my body including the smaller muscle groups and

Through Charrette’s professionalism, wealth of experience and consistency I have achieved a healthier body and a more confidant mind.  Pilates has truly changed my life and given me such great joy. I would not give it up my weekly sessions  for anything.

Anneleise, Mechanical Engineer and Pilates Enthiisiast




Having a scoliosis means I have to totally trust that the people I go to to help me keep my spine healthy, have the knowledge and expertise to do so. Charrette does, she’s a pilates expert who goes that bit further. I have been trained by the “Best of Pilates Instructors” as voted in Harpers in Queens in the UK, and Charrette far exceeds that instructor. She is the best you’ll find!

Steph / Christchurch


Thanks to your great work with me prior to my departure for France I have been thoroughly enjoying freedom from pain and no sciatica! You probably have no idea how grateful I am? I remember my pilates basics in posture and from time to time do some Pilates exercises. My case is very heavy and I have heaved it up and down stairs in chateaux, railway stations and yesterday gently paddled a canoe for a couple of hours with no nasty side effects.

I silently thank my lucky stars that you got my fitness / posture so much better before our trip .

Grateful thanks to you and the Scoop team !

Toni Stewart

I am now 67 years old. When I began Pilates with Charrette I was 5 years younger and 62 years out of shape. Pilates has added significant core strength and remarkable flexibility to my body. I think of it as the best gift I could have given myself.

Tom Obrien / CEO

Pilates with Charrette has reduced aches and pains; and made me longer, stronger and leaner. This is this only exercise, apart from walking, that I’ve really stuck with – and thats because it’s made such a difference. I’m in my fifties and I feel about 35!

Pauline  / Christchurch

For more than 3 years I have been having weekly, one on one Pilates sessions with Charrette. During this time I have experienced a huge change in every aspect of how my body functions, from the simple act of getting out of the car to more complex movements. All of these day to day tasks have been transformed by the utilisation of my core muscles, a fundamental of the Pilates teachings. Every week I feel my body becoming stronger as I am able to execute Pilates exercises I was unable to do a year ago. Aside from these great results I have also been rewarded with health benefits specifically in two areas.For years I have suffered with headaches due to tight neck and shoulder muscles. I never found long term relief despite numerous appointments with Osteopaths and other specialists. Now, I no longer have headaches because of the Pilates work I have done with Charrette. Also with my recently ruptured Achilles tendon, Charrette has been able to adapt a rehabilitation programme to lengthen and strengthen the muscle to the point where I am back running confidently. I have gained a much broader awareness of the mechanics of my body and owe this all to Pilates. Charrette’s wealth of knowledge and experience have been invaluable and I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her and recommend anyone to “give it a go.

Graeme H


I am a middle age woman and had hip surgery which left my body in trauma. I began almost two years ago, traveling from Ashburton, to Scoop and Charrette for Authentic Pilates to strengthen my core muscles to a point where I could lead a normal life again. I am now stronger and more agile than I was before surgery. I am back playing sport something that I never thought I would be able to do again. Pilates has been a life changing experience for me. Charrette has worked me hard. Its so much fun in a relaxed environment.

Jan J


I started pilates about 6 years ago at 72. I was aware that if you don’t exercise and take care of you body, you will loose it. Charrette is the most amazing pilates instructor and coach. I am able to continue skiing and tramping confidently.


Harold G


The benefits of one-on-one Pilates sessions with Charrette have been immense for me.  My muscles are more balanced, I don’t get odd niggly injuries as much as I used to, my running has improved, my strength has increased, and my physio has noticed that my body responds better to physio treatment.  I like Charrette’s attention to detail and deep knowledge of Pilates. She can take into account long term injuries without compromising the benefit of a session, and I’m reassured that she won’t ask me to do anything which will risk further injury. I’m confident that I’m getting the most that I can out of each Pilates session – important when it is often an effort to get away from work at the end of the day to make the session.  I have no hesitation in recommending Pilates and Charrette as a teacher.


Undertaking a routine of regular Pilates session with Charrette Boyce has been a wonderful and extremely beneficial experience. My muscles are longer, leaner and stronger than they have ever been- and I find that my body now craves the stretch and workout that I receive during each of my Pilates sessions with Charrette. Not only does Pilates make me feel stronger- it also helps me to relax.


Learning the Pilates method with Charrette was a huge part of my reclaiming of my body. She helped me remember how much fun childhood was; my pilates workouts reminded me of playing on the jungle gym when I was a kid. My body was never in better shape than when I was working with Charrette. Though she has moved halfway across the world, I still do her seven and a half minute mat workout every day. She is a gifted teacher who lives what she gives.


Although I had exercised all my life, studying Pilates with Charrette was the first time I became aware of the importance of building and maintaining core strength. She taught me the immense benefits of working individually with a talented teacher, and it was a pleasure to recommend her and her studio to my friends. I look forward to incorporating what I learned from her into a lifelong practice.


I have been doing Pilates for 6 years and have seem remarkable changes in my body and in my attitude toward exercising . By opening up my body through stretching and strengthening my core I have actually grown 1/2 inch taller! I used to rush through exercising to do as much as I could, and as quickly as I could. Through Pilates I have learned to internalize my exercising through breathing, and concentrate on the movement itself rather than how many I could do in the shortest amount of time. I recommend Pilates especially for Type A personalities like myself.” “Charrette introduced me to Pilates and is the reason I stuck with it. After years of aerobics and weight training, Pilates was a whole new concept for me. At first the slow pace and stretching was difficult,but with Charrette’s encouragement and the incredible sense of inner peace that she exudes, I was hooked.