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Authentic Pilates for Men and Women

Whether it's a one on one workout or group mat classes Scoop Pilates has a myriad of options



We recommend for first timers wanting to join Scoop Authentic Pilates Mat Classes to have studio individual lessons before joining the group.  This enables the instructor to assess your body needs and refer to an appropriate choice for your Pilates.


* Tuesday 12noon - Pilates Fundamentals

* Wednesday 6pm - Pilates Restore

* Saturday 9am - Pilates All Levels



Mat Class Starter Package for new clients     150

includes 1 Individual Workout + 6 Mat Classes (valid for 3 months)

1 Months Unlimited Pilates Mat Classes pass    90

Casual    20 / 16** 

10 classes     175 / 140**

20 classes     300 / 270**

30 classes     420 / 390**

**Concession price for Full time Student, Gold and Community Service Cardholders.  


RELAXING AND DEEP TISSUE (60 min)           85

It alleviates tension headaches, back pain, shoulder/neck/back tightness, 'niggles' when working/exercising. It releases restricted movement of joints, lengthens tight muscles and enhances performance. Escape the stresses of everyday life and experience a soothing massage session when you leave feeling relaxed and revitalized.

RAINDROP TECHNIQUE (75min)                      100

A combination of reflexology, aromatherapy and massage. It uses essential oils applied to the feet vitaflex points and along the spine to support all the body systems, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, to rebalance and detox while promoting deep relaxation feel.




Pilates Apparatus Workouts

 Starter Package for New Clients     375

includes 5 Individual Workouts + 2 Mat Classes (valid for 3 months)

Private Workout

                                                      Director          Certified Instructor

1 Individual Workout                      90                         85

5 Individual Workouts                   400                       375

10 Individual Workouts                 750                       700

15 Individual Workouts                1095                    1020

Duo Workouts (2 clients per Instructor)

1 Duo Workout                                60                       55

5 Duo Workouts                             275                      250

10 Duo Workouts                           520                     470

Trio Workouts (3 clients per instructor)

1 Trio Workout                                50                      45

5 Trio Workouts                             225                    200

10 Trio Workouts                           430                   380


Mon-Thu from 8am-8pm

Fri and Sat 8 am-1pm


All the prices are per one client.

No membership or joining fees.

The classes are non refundable and non transferrable.

The lessons expiry in 6 months.

24 hours cancellation notice

Studio Payment Methods:

All sessions are GST inclusive.  

Cheque, cash or internet banking.

Thanks for choosing us for your Authentic Pilates.