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Scoop Pilates Studio owner, Laiza Lima is a highly experienced and fully certified Pilates instructor.  She also has a degree in Physiotherapy and a postgraduate diploma in Biomechanics.  

Initially Laiza worked in one of Brazil’s leading clinics for orthopedic and sports injuries.  She is passionate about movement and, when she discovered the Pilates method, she realized she could work not only with people recovering from surgeries and injuries, but also with anyone interested in building a stronger and leaner body.

Laiza gained her initial certification as a Pilates instructor in Brazil in 2002.  She relocated to New Zealand in 2006 and worked at the NZ Romana’s Pilates training centre (Pilates Unlimited) in Auckland for 8 years. In 2009 she completed the Authentic Pilates training program and is proud to be part of the foundation group of fully certified instructors in NZ.

In 2013 Laiza was recognized for the quality of her teaching at Romana's Pilates and awarded Level 4. This enabled her to be involved in the training program, supervising and coaching apprentices to get their certification, in addition to teaching her clients.

Laiza is dedicated to preserving the work of Joseph Pilates and works extensively to add to her knowledge, regularly attending workshops and continuing Pilates professional education.


In 2007 Mary Hurrell started as a client doing Pilates Mat Classes at Scoop.  Inspired by this method, she completed the beginner and intermediate  Authentic Pilates Mat  teacher training and began teaching Authentic mat classes at Scoop in 2009.

She completed the vigorous and comprehensive International Romana's Pilates Program at Pilates Unlimited, Takapuna in 2012.  

Her apprenticeship was with Master Teacher Cynthia Lochard from Sydney, Mari Windsor from Windsor Pilates in Los Angeles and Jerome Weinberg from Romana's Pilates in New York City.  She keeps up her own personal Pilates practice and  the continuing professional education supplied by Romana's Pilates training centre.

Prior to becoming a certified Pilates instructor,Mary completed her Bachelor of Leisure Studies at Univeristy of Waikato.  Originally from Marton, in the North Island,  she was a  Fitness Consultant in both North and South Islands and then went on to study a Post Graduate in Education majoring in Physical Education at the Canterbury College of Education. 

As  a teacher she took the opportunity to travel to the UK and Europe for a three and a half years and experienced applying her knowledge  in several London schools.  Returning to NZ she combined her skills in  Personal Training and Secondary teaching before the NZ Institute of Health and Fitness brought her in as a tutor delivering the National Certificate in Fitness for The Open Polytechnic.

Amadeu Colen Camargo has been teaching Pilates since 2011. He trained in Brazil with Inelia Garcia who worked for several years closely to Romana and founded the first Authentic Pilates training in Brazil.

Amadeu is passionate about the pilates body and mind control and how it empowers the individual to perform the movements the human body can do with easy and preventing injuries. He is committed to keeping the purest form of Pilates alive, the Authentic Pilates Method.

He has a Bachelor degree in Sports and Recreation additional to his Physical Education degree he got in 2008.

Amadeu is also an Ashtanga yoga Instructor and a highly experienced Ayurvedic Massage Therapist.

He believes in tradition and healing, ensuring he tailors the pilates sessions for each individual needs. 

He loves the outdoors and exploring New Zealand.