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I have been enjoying Pilates for over 14 years and, for six of those years, I had the privilege of having Laiza Lima as my instructor.  Laiza is a deeply knowledgeable teacher and has a finely-tuned sensitivity to what the body needs in order to continually build strength and flexibility in a safe and effective way. I loved my sessions with Laiza as I always had a great physical workout but would also come away with a sense of calm enabled by Laiza’s wonderful warm and caring manner.  Under Laiza’s guidance I was able to build my Pilates knowledge and capability and to enjoy the benefits on a day-to-day basis – much improved strength, posture and balance.  I can thoroughly recommend Laiza and only wish she was still with us in Auckland!



I had my first lesson with Laiza when she visited Christchurch on holiday.  That lesson was amazing and took my love of Pilates to a whole new level.  Imagine my excitement when she actually moved to Christchurch! Fast forward a few years later and having just had a baby, Laiza is helping me regain my strength and fitness and I am loving my lessons even more than I used to.  Laiza is the perfect instructor - amazing technical knowledge of authentic Pilates (plus her physio training is the icing on the cake!) coupled with a lovely fun personality.  Each week I learn something new and it is never boring!  I am so glad I found Pilates (and this authentic Pilates studio specifically) - it is the perfect combination of strength, stretch, control, relaxation and meditation - I look forward to my lessons with Laiza and know that Pilates will always be an important part of my life.

SUZANNE mother


We first started Pilates 10 years ago and we have been going regularly ever since. Without a doubt it is one if the best things we have done for our ageing bodies. We are stronger, more flexible and it helps immensely with the sports we participate in such as skiing, golf, cycling and paddle boarding. We have better balance and a stronger core and this helps significantly with the sports we love doing.



"Mat Pilates has made a huge difference to us, especially our core strength. After the class, we feel energised and ready for the day ahead. We feel awakened."



The benefits of one-on-one Pilates sessions at Scoop have been immense for me.  My muscles are more balanced, I don’t get odd niggly injuries as much as I used to, my running has improved, my strength has increased, and my physio has noticed that my body responds better to physio treatment.  I like my instructor’s attention to detail and deep knowledge of Pilates. They can take into account long term injuries without compromising the benefit of a session, and I’m reassured that they won’t ask me to do anything which will risk further injury. I’m confident that I’m getting the most that I can out of each Pilates session – important when it is often an effort to get away from work at the end of the day to make the session.  I have no hesitation in recommending Scoop Authentic Pilates Studio.

JANE Lawyer


" I have been involved in Scoop Pilates since it began and I cannot imagine life without it. I started Pilates because I had a significant back problem, which healed very quickly. Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for strengthening not just your core but your entire body. It develops your flexibility, balance and coordination and is great for your mind as well.  The Scoop Pilates staff  are extremely professional, talented, warm and caring and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I attend both apparatus and mat lessons and they are the highlight of my week!"  

LESLEY School Teacher


I am in my mid 40′s, a busy professional in a common zone – work stress, too many hours at the desk, limited free time due to family/other commitments, less time to fit in cycling and other exercise, and my physical wellbeing has suffered. And gyms don’t work for me, despite my best intentions. I have been doing weekly Pilates sessions for 3 years, initially in response to recurring chronic neck pain, and it has saved me. Even now, when I am tired and have things to do I find myself thinking I am too busy for one hour of Pilates – when I have done it, I can’t believe I was thinking about skipping it. I recommend Pilates to everybody, no matter what space you are in.

DAVID Corporate Lawyer


Thanks to Scoop Studio and instructors we have enjoyed Pilates for many years. Laiza continues to motivate us with a programme that is flexible (no pun intended) to suit our individual needs and goal of full mobility. Her expertise in the Joseph Pilates style of exercise and commitment to us is greatly appreciated.



I have been doing Pilates at this studio for almost 10 years. It has reduced aches and pains, and made me longer, stronger and leaner. This is this only exercise, apart from walking, that I’ve really stuck with – and that's because it’s made such a difference. It's completely altered my body shape - for the better. I try to do one-on-one with Laiza at least once, sometimes twice, a week.  I’m in my late fifties - 60 in 2017 - and I feel about 35!



Laiza, Amadeu and Mary are amongst the best Pilates instructors we've had in over 10 years of experience in Europe and the United States. They teach Romana's school of Pilates, drawing on Laiza's knowledge of physiotherapy as well as each instructor's specific expertise in Pilates and related disciplines. Their attention to detail and responsiveness to individual needs goes beyond anything we have experienced until now. They suggested simple adjustments in technique adapted to our requirements and conditions that made all the difference. Their quiet, focused approach put us in a serene and positive state of mind. Even exercises like "the tree" that had always seemed awkward before worked out much more smoothly under their guidance. Scoop Pilates alone came close to justifying the journey from Europe that brought us to New Zealand for a three month stay.

Michael and Ventura from Brussels, Belgium