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Quality therapeutic massage helps you move freely and complements your pilates

Laiza Lima

Leticia Melo has been practicing massage therapies for over 12 years in New Zealand. She is highly trained to tailor the massage specifically for you, using her extensive range of knowledge and techniques including: relaxation, sports and deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and fat reducing massage. 

She can consult with you on any of your muscular tension issues:

    Tension headaches

    Restricted movement of your joints

   Back pain

    Shoulder/Neck/Back tightness

   'Niggles' when working / exercising

    Lengthen tight muscles

    Enhance performance

Leticia has a Bachelor in Physiotherapy and has a NZ National Certificate in Health, Disability and Aged support. She works as an assistant Physiotherapist at the Christchurch Hospital.

Escape the stresses of everyday life and experience a soothing massage session to help relieve muscular tension and leave you feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Leticia will be available at Scoop for 1hr or 30 minutes sessions from Friday the 20th of May 2016.

Book now at the Studio or by phone with Laiza.

Happy Endings.. and New Beginnings

Laiza Lima

Hi All

Great news!

Happy beginnings.

Scoop is now able to provide the
excellent service that you have come to expect.  

Laiza is now taking over the helm and
will continue to work and build on
the relationship we all have together.

As I step back, I look at what we have done and
I am pleased that we have someone of such a high caliber to
take the company forward, turning the page into a new chapter.

Thank you all for your support and the opportunity to work with you.

      Happy endings and new beginnings...

 the best outcome possible.


Ending the year on a good note

Laiza Lima

Its been  good year of working with others.  We are so pleased with how our team got to connect with others in the community, through teaching classes at Lululemon, raising awareness at sharing coffee at Metro cafe, fundraising for Red Cross Nepal and with our clients generosity, we raised $1501.   We are so grateful for the stellar clients and their commitment to Pilates this year.  Thank you for showing up and showing us what you wanted to get out of your Pilates.  

In addition we are very pleased to say we have Apollo Yoga running classes from Scoop Pilates Ferrymead studio.

All up its been a goodie!

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you in 2016 along with the new people we will meet.

All the best! 


Laiza Lima

November Pilates and Mat Class Challenge

Available for November unlimited classes for $130

Plus more classes in November:

Monday at 6 PM

Tuesday at 12 noon

Wednesday at 9:15 AM (Redcliffs' Bowling club)

 Wednesday at 6 PM

Thursday 6:30 PM

TGIF 6:30 AM

Saturday at 9 AM


The Scoop Pilates challenge is basically how many classes you can do!

Keep track of your frequency on our studio chart. Whoever has the most ticks gets an Individual Studio lesson from us at Scoop.

Let the challenge begin!!!

Pilates Gear in Stock

Laiza Lima

We are pleased to say that we have restocked the Pilates gear to suit your home practice.  We have now got magic circles, foam rollers, and sticky socks.

The Magic circles provide endless ways to create resistance and support with the Authentic Pilates mathwork, arm work and standing leg series. 

The Obi foam rollers are fantastic for a massaging tight muscles especially along the legs, upper back, hips.

Abi and Joseph sticky socks are the greatest socks for doing Pilates.  They provide traction for each of your pilates moves.


All of these are available to pick up in the studio or we can post them out to you.  


Special Mat Workshop coming up

Laiza Lima

Special Workshops coming.  Starting with on **the 13th of June** we are bringing it to a grand finale of mat work awareness with **our first ever *Apple Mat Class*.**  Come and find out what it is!!  Book in for this with Laiza.